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Three Reasons Public Sector Projects Go Over Budget

Capital Projects in Public Sector are High Risk
Successful capital project delivery is a critical component of the asset growth and renewal cycle, but is is also only a small portion of the overall life cycle cost of an asset.

So how is it that capital costs (and the unfortunate experience of cost overruns) seem to attract so much attention in the public sector, yet annual operating costs generally get approved with very little attention? The primary reason for this dichotomy is the differences in these cost pools as summarized in the  following table.

[table id=5 /]

Co-Lab...Take a look at a new way to learn

(c ' l  b) n place to collaborate; share stories of your experiences on a central theme; create new ideas through new perspectives; all are equally valued in the contribution; short lived partnership for mutual benefit. v to co-lab;

By talking to people with the same interests in a small time frame, we make new connections and build new relationships.

Capital Delivery With or Without a PMO

The Project Management Office! What is it and who does it?
For those of use that are engaged with or oversee capital delivery programs, you have probably heard of the project management office. Some may even have implemented this concept and others may have created a sustainable group of staff who live the PMO role.

Capital delivery and public works go hand in hand. This is what we do, we build stuff and figure out how to keep it running for ever (well mostly for ever). And who else knows more about this stuff then public works professionals.

Budget season is almost over and what have we learned

The first budget for the new Council term of 2014 to 2018 is almost over for Ontario municipalities. Many municipalities have either completed their budgets or are nearing the final decision dates as we move into April.

The first budget of a new Council is always interesting as the direction depends significantly on the number of new Councillors that have joined the table. For those municipalities with little or no change, the process has been straight forward as the team continues on its set course from the previous term.