Co-Lab...Take a look at a new way to learn

(c ' l  b) n place to collaborate; share stories of your experiences on a central theme; create new ideas through new perspectives; all are equally valued in the contribution; short lived partnership for mutual benefit. v to co-lab;

By talking to people with the same interests in a small time frame, we make new connections and build new relationships.

How is a Co-lab Structured?
Think of a co-lab as a mini virtual conference focused on addressing one idea. Topics are selected from the active Forums based on relevance or popularity and declared as a co-lab event.

The event is virtual via skype/ webex etc and is moderated by the organizer. The events are active for a maximum of 1 hour scheduled in advance. Participants can join to share real experiences related to the topic or to simply listen in on experiences of others. There is no "speakers list" or "expert panel" as this is a collaborative environment. The goal of the session is to identify who you may want to follow up with after the event for further information or to explore further opportunities.

After an event participants may want to explore other related topics for future co-labs. These can be posted on the forum for future consideration and planning.
What is the Value of a Co-lab?
Connecting, sharing ideas, and building relationships

As public sector organizations, our knowledge development is funded by the public. Our services are universal and connecting with each other across districts serves the purpose of improving the lives of the public we all serve.

The best way to advance the industry is to share ideas and learn from each other. Conversation is just another effective way to share these ideas and hear first hand about experience of other that move us forward.

Building relationships builds strength. New partnerships advance new ideas and create value both for the participants and the community.
How to Participate

  1.  Identify a topic of interest- This can be done through posting a topic through the Forum or tagging a post for co-lab consideration.
  2. A virtual event will be set up and posted for participants to register. The event will be set up to accommodate a daytime period for most participants in North America.
  3. The event is scheduled for 1 hour with a maximum of 10 participants.
  4. Post event- Participants can comment on any valuable insights or request a follow-up co-lab on the same topic with new participants if further exploration is desired.

Take Action!
See what co-labs are planned, or post a topic you want to discuss in a co-lab environment.

Participate in a co-lab and see what value you gain from the experience.

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