What is a CoLab?

CoLab is the creation of a virtual space to allow real time collaboration of a small team of focused problem solvers. This concept is based on recreating the brain storming meeting environment without the travel and expense involved in actually attending a meeting.

How is a CoLab organized?

A CoLab can be organizaed at any time as long as there are a maximum of seven participants. A topic is proposed by the community and an event is created around that topic. The Topic should be timely, relevent and focused on Problem Statement clarity. Those interested in hearing about the topic and who have an opinion on the topic would then join the event.

How is a CoLab Conducted?

The CoLab is hosted through a web conferencing tool like skype or webex which provides a virtual meeting space to have the discussion. The intention is that not one person dominates the discussion but, through managed facilitation, each member of the event have equal time to share thier views and ideas. At the end there is a summary of the outcomes.

What happens after the CoLab is Done?

If there is interest in continuing the discussion, an additional CoLab can be created or the discussion can be expanded on the Forum or through a Private Group. It is also encouraged to reach out to members of the event if further discussion and collaboration is beneficial. This is where new relationships start to happen!  

I have a CoLab idea!

If you have an idea for a CoLab, let us know through the comment form and we will contact you to help set it up.