Trash as Fashion...Why Not!

People have been making things out of recycle material for some time now. This is a great way to practice the 4 R's but how effective is it to moving use closer to sustainability?

The fashion industry has also played along in recent years. I guess every designer is looking for that next new thing. Of course like many fashion events, the clothes that are presented are either signature pieces reserved for the wealthy or so impractical that they only serve the purpose of promoting the designer.

Hey now there's an idea that Orlando Florida picked up on. It's their annual Trash 2 Trends event that started in 2014. The most recent event was Feb 2015.

As you can see, this is not a low budget event. Far from it, this is doing exactly what we need more of in the solid waste and recycling world...its glamorizing waste! What a great way to bring more awareness and interest to an industry that has otherwise been relegated to cartoon characters and employees and reflective vests.

What have you done in your community that could compare with Orlando's ambitious awareness and fundraising event? I would be interested in hearing of similar great events.

In the end its a great way to raise funds, awareness and have a great time. Kudos to the creative geniuses at Orlando!

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