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Ontario Climate Change Action Plan on the Right Path

Best Summer Ever! Or Not?
If this summer is not confirmation enough, it is becoming more and more difficult to deny that climate change is happening. We have had almost 40 days this summer where temperatures exceeded 30 degrees C in Southern Ontario. On top of the heat, it has also been the sixths driest summer on record.

Three Reasons Public Sector Projects Go Over Budget

Capital Projects in Public Sector are High Risk
Successful capital project delivery is a critical component of the asset growth and renewal cycle, but is is also only a small portion of the overall life cycle cost of an asset.

So how is it that capital costs (and the unfortunate experience of cost overruns) seem to attract so much attention in the public sector, yet annual operating costs generally get approved with very little attention? The primary reason for this dichotomy is the differences in these cost pools as summarized in the  following table.

[table id=5 /]